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In 2012, Mitch and David set out to train up a group of Elite Life Coaches. They saw a need for more coaches plus they had their own life goal of helping to launch 1,000,000 dreams. So, the Coach Mindset Online was born. Since that time Mitch and David have been able to train up coaches around the world. Those coaches have helped clients to take action, change careers, start businesses, write bestselling books and launch countless dreams!

Now, Mitch and David are shifting and focusing on new and different ways to achieve their "1M Dream" Goal.

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Mitch continues as a international keynote speaker, success coach and author. His DREAM THINK DO podcast is available on iTunes and was recently ranked #1 by the Huffington Post. He also continues to host his BIG Dream Gatherings across the country. You can find him at

David is over building the premier training community for entrepreneurs at He also works with select brands, in partnership, to launch their digital products. You can find him at

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